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Valentine Candy Box

Five unique Valentine themed Candy Box worksheets!


These worksheets can be used with sticker dots, puzzle pieces or dot markers.

The first worksheet is covered in uppercase letters (the full alphabet plus additional letters A-O). To play, have your child match lowercase to uppercase letters or uppercase to uppercase. Use sticker dots on which you have written letters, ABC puzzle pieces or magnets.

The second worksheet is covered in numbers (4 sets of 1-10 plus additional numbers 1 and 2). Write the corresponding numbers on a sticker dot sheet and encourage the child to match the numbers. Alternatively, you can roll two dice (skipping 11 and 12) or write the numbers 1-10 on paper scraps and allow children to pick a number and color it in with dot markers.

The third and fourth worksheets both have subitizing exercises on them. To play, write numbers on sticker dots and encourage the child to match the number to the corresponding tally or dice face.

The fifth worksheet is blank for a game or other learning activity. One game idea is to have each player take turns rolling a die and then coloring in that number of candies. The first child to color their entire candy box wins. Additional learning activities include filling the candies with math problems or sight words. Get creative!

Download This Printable Here

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