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Heart Hunt Secret Message

Multiple customizable versions to accommodate your home or classroom needs!


These worksheets must be printed using your double-sided printer setting!

Cut the cards and select your message. There are two primary messages with a few slight variations available. Once you have selected your message and organized your cards (make sure to set aside the cards you are not using), hide the cards or tape them on walls throughout your home or classroom. Encourage children to find the words and then sort the numbers chronologically to decode the message! If you have movement and spacing limitations in your classroom, skip the hunt portion of this activity and give each child a card (or multiple cards) and collectively sort and decode! Have fun!

Message 1:

You are my (our) little Valentine(s)! I (we) love you so much. Let’s do something fun today! [ending A]

Let’s make something sweet together [ending B]

I (We) have a surprise for you! [ending C]

This message with the choice of three endings is available on page 1 and 2 of the double-sided printouts. On page 2 there are also 4 cards to make the messages plural for adults and/or children.

Message 2:

I am so proud of my little Valentines! You have been working so hard and have been very kind to one another. Let’s play a fun game today to celebrate!

This message was made with classrooms in mind but can be used at home too! There are two versions of this message. One using countable hearts and the second using numbers.

Download This Printable Here

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