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100s Chart

The learning possibilities are endless with a 100 chart!

Ways to Play:

1) Encourage your child to count to 100 by putting an object (a pony bead, scrap of paper, or puff ball) on each number.

2) Count to 100 by coloring, stamping, or putting a sticker on each number.

3) Practice skip counting. Use the above ideas, but with counting by 2s, 5s, 10s or whatever multiple of which your child is working!

4) Ask your child to color all of the odd numbers one color and the even numbers a different color.

5) Roll and Race. Roll a die and advance an object forward through the chart. This can be played with one, or multiple players. First player to 100 wins!

6) Before and after visual. Point to a number and ask your child to identify the number before and after it. Alternatively, you can mark or stamp a handful of numbers and have your child write out the numbers that come before and after.

7) Ten less and ten more. Similar to above, encourage your child to identify the numbers that are 10 less or 10 more than any given number.

Download This Printable Here

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